The Very Realistic Very Intense Adventures Of That Man Bob Scott

The Very Realistic Very Intense Adventures Of That Man Bob Scott

Hi, my name is Bob Scott. I simply cannot recommend any other book for you to spend time reading wherever you may be when it comes out—sitting on a bus, sitting in a beach chair on vacation, sitting while going to the bathroom, or even all of those things at the same time.

At last! The perfect jumping on point for those brand new to the Bob Scott saga, and the ideal companion for those already familiar with his antics online. From his days as the young boy known as “Pudding Bob,” to his first two marriages, to his times in the army, prison, and seminary, this novel vividly fills in many of the gaps of Bob Scott’s life, one harrowing escapade after another.

Ever since his social media arrival at 6:55 p.m. on August 7, 2013, that man Bob Scott has led the way in dramatic microblogging storytelling, recounting his chaotic life exactly as it’s played out in real time. The sheer outlandishness of his exploits have left many to wonder if, in fact, he’s real, and although this novel won’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, it does its very best to make a compelling case.

Each chapter of The Very Realistic Very Intense Adventures Of That Man Bob Scott tells a different story from the tapestry of his life: Bob Scott living carefree in a camper with his stripper girlfriend, a scheming, murderous vixen! Bob Scott abducted from a rest stop late at night by aliens! Bob Scott on Wheel of Fortune winning a bed and $56 in books! Bob Scott battling a debilitating addiction to shoplifting! Bob Scott having an affair with the wife of his friend from church choir! Bob Scott getting his toes severed in a camping accident, but not even feeling it because his face is crushed simultaneously!

As each and every seemingly self-contained episode unfolds on the page, a larger, more intricate narrative is revealed, attempting to answer the far from simple question, “Who is Bob Scott, and how did he come to be?”