The state of Illinois says
I must very clearly and
plainly divulge that I am
not an active C.P.A.
because my certification
has not been re-approved
since my release from Prison

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Bob Scott C.P.A. is the online personality whose unflinching honesty on social media has captivated a few people across the globe since his first appearance on Twitter at 6:55 p.m. on August 7, 2013.

The dramatically addictive story of Bob’s day-to-day life has covered everything from his endearing love of square dancing, swimming, puddings, seafood, and sex, to such hard-hitting issues as adult circumcision, faked teenage pregnancies, chronic unemployment, kidnappings, bumfighting, persistent rectal bleeding, attempted assassinations, and elderly stepfathers who just want to watch their adult male stepsons pee.

The simple fact is: You haven’t truly experienced all the Internet has to offer until you’ve experienced that man Bob Scott.

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The Very Realistic Very Intense Adventures Of
That Man Bob Scott

A real-life novel just like the ones you see in bookstores and libraries, except all about that man Bob Scott. Coming this fall!

His writings

Over the years, Bob Scott has written fiction, reviews, music, stage plays, screenplays, and even a self-published cookbook. Here are some of those efforts.